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Uncontested Divorce – minor children

Although an uncontested divorce with minor children in Georgia is still pretty quick and cost efficient, the court does take a closer look at the proceedings and a number of legal constraints and guidelines are placed on the divorcing parents’ rights to make decisions as to the final form of their marital dissolution agreement.  The biggest role the court plays in the divorce is acting as a legal protector in all areas regarding the children and in order to fulfill this function they have instituted a number of mandatory steps that the parents have to complete in order to be granted a divorce.  It is not enough to have the official or proper forms listed below but they must be completed not only according to the Official Code of Georgia but also according to the rules of the Suerior Court where you will be fiing the divorce and most importantly to the taste and preference of the Judge specifically assigned to your case.


  • Mandatory Seminar.  Both you and your spouse MUST attend the Divorcing Parents seminar before the Judge will allow the case to be heard for the final decree.  This seminar cannot be completed online unless your spouse lives in another State and they participate in an online program sanctioned by their State.  All Georgia residents have to take the seminar in person and it must be given by a court approved provider.  The seminar is normally four hours long and the cost is between $30 - $50.00.  Although most of my clients have found the seminar to be very informative, getting both parties to take the course in a timely manner is usually the toughest part of the whole divorce process.
  • Full Financial Disclosure.  Both you and your spouse MUST complete a Georgia Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit and file it with the court along with your tow most recent pay stubs.  This mandatory form is eight pages long and must be signed in front of a notary.  Getting this form completed correctly and completely by both parties is probably the second toughest thing to do in regards to the whole divorce process.


  • Child Support Worksheets.  The mandatory Child Support Worksheets must be completed using the current Micorsoft Excel worksheet prepared by the Georgia Child Support Commision.  The worksheet is completed using the information that Microsoft parents provided to the Court in the financial affidavits and the numbers need to match each other.  In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse prepare a joint worksheet for final approval by the Judge.  Not only are the Georgia child support guidleines rather confusing but Microsoft Excel is not the most user friendly program in the world, so it is not confusing that the number one reason divorce papers are "turned down" by the Judge when people try to handle their own divorce.


  • Child Support Order Addendum. This mandatory form basically summarizes the information provided in the other documents and serves as the official Court Order regarding child support.   Once again, the child support amount on this document must match the calculation in the worksheet.  Unmatching, and incorrect, child support amounts in different documents filed by the parties is the number one reason that Judges turn down divorce paper work filed by people trying to represent themselves. 


  • Mandatory Parenting Plan.  In all Georgia divorces involving minor children an eight page Parenting Plan must be filed with the Court.  In order for the Judge to grant the divorce, not only must the Parenting Plan be filed but it also must be completed in a manner that the assigned Judge approves.