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Hello.  My name is Rhonda Blackwell Siler and I am a Georgia licensed attorney and a life long Georgia resident.  I graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1988 and was licensed to practice by the State Bar of Georgia in September of that year.  In my  over twenty years of practicing law I have helped thousands of clients through out Georgia with their legal problems and made it my mission to make what was often the worst periods of their lives go as smoothly and quickly as legally possible.

As the child of divorced parents and a person who has gone through one herself, I know how difficult this time is in the life of a person and a family.  There is no reason to make this already difficult situation even more stressful and painful by trying to wade through the legal system all alone in order to cut costs.  I made the decision to limit my practice to uncontested divorces so I could keep my firm small and costs low in order to make lawyer represented legal services affordable to all people during these trying times. 

At the Law Offices of Rhonda Blackwell Siler, I offer fast and competent services so you can stop worrying about how to handle your legal problems and instead get back to focusing on the more important task of living your life and caring for yourself and your family.   You do not have to do-it-yourself.  Help is available when filing your an uncontested divorce in Georgia and it is only a phone call or email away.


For more information about my qualifications and personal philosophy check out my detailed profile at Nolo here.