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Why Hire A Lawyer?

Thanks to the Internet, the current economy and the continued decline of the public’s views of lawyers and their high prices, a record number of people are representing themselves in their legal matters.  This is especially true in the area of divorce where in some areas of the country at least one person in each case is proceeding with out representation in as high as 90 percent of the court cases.  Based on these facts there is a good chance you are considering handling your Georgia uncontested divorce on your own instead of hiring a Georgia divorce lawyer to help you.

Once the decision has been made to handle your own case, the question then becomes how to proceed. Although you can often get sample court forms for free or under $25.00 dollars from the Clerk’s office in the county you live in, these forms are often confusing and difficult to complete correctly and the people in the office are strictly forbidden by law from giving legal advice regarding how to complete them or tell you which ones in the package that they gave you even apply to your given situation.  Out of  frustration at trying to figure the courthouse legal forms out, you might consider turning to online document preparation providers. The problem with these online services is they are just glorified typing services where you complete an online questionaire that then uses your answers to complete a template they have designed to fit all cases and then you can either print the completed documents or they will mail them to you with an instruction sheet telling you what to do with your documents when  you get them.  In other words you are now paying $100 - $300 for the type written version of exactly what you could have gone to the courthouse and gotten for less than $25.00 or less.  You still get no gurantee that the documents are correct for your particular case and you still have to do all the real important work - - the getting the actual divorce part - all by yourself.

Why take this risk and go through all the headaches when you can hire a local licensed attorney to do all the work for you at the same or lower fee that the non-attorney providers are charging?  Court clerks, paralegals or document preparation services are not the same as Lawyers.  They cannot give you advice, they can not complete the forms for you, they can not file the signed documents with the appropriate county clerk for you, they can not answer any questions the Judge or his or her law clerk might have about the documents and they do not go to court with you.  I am Georgia Attorney Rhonda Blackwell Siler and I can give you advice, can do the work, can answer all the questions and can go to court with you.